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Ann Brasco is a writer who shares her observations on life – the love, the hope, the loss, the fear, the light and all that falls in between. In her first 39 years of life, Ann spent a great deal of time as a clinical social worker, as an entrepreneur who built a successful business with her spouse, and as a mom of 4 daughters. In many countless ways her life was full and busy and yet in crucial ways it was not whole.  cropped-11025963_10205533229506065_1651921482527869564_n.jpg

Realizing she was seeking what is:

whole rather than busy,

simple rather than easy,

purpose rather than accomplishment,

and transformation rather than change,

Ann decided to deconstruct her life to emerge into something new. Weeks shy of 40, the val2home was sold, the businesses were sold, and Ann packed up her family and moved her 4 daughters from the suburbs of NYC to a coastal barrier island near Charleston, SC.

Ann shares her thoughts on life, purpose, chaos,  strange stuff, travel, and everything in between.

Ann’s writings on are featured in Huffington Post,Thrive Global, Mind Body Green, Role Reboot, The Good Men Project, Everyday Feminism, The Newark Star Ledger,, and The Seabrooker, among other publications.

Ann is the author of Sweetie’s Search for a Forever Home in the Garden State, a children’s book about a courageous rescue dog available here.

Ann’s attributes her clinical work in observation to be at the core of her work. Ann earned a Masters Degree in social work from New York University. Ann practiced clinicalcropped-wp.jpeg social work for several years in an inpatient psychiatric ward, in New Jersey schools, and in homes in East Harlem and Washington Heights. In 2002, Ann was awarded with the Georgia L. McMurray Award for her contribution to children and families. In her undergraduate studies at Caldwell University, she received her Bachelor of Arts in English and criminal justice, and was the 1999 recipient of the English Award.

sweetie14Born and raised in New Jersey, Ann hails from a lineage of assiduous and daring souls who extended their gifts to meet the needs of those around them with vigorous honesty, enduring levity, tenacious compassion, and persistent faith.

Ann is mindful of their sacrifices that paved a trail of hope for her to freely follow her calling. It is Ann’s aim to continue to plod an off-road path for her daughters and all those alike.

At 39, Ann moved her family to a coastal barrier island outside of Ann Charleston, SC where she lives with her daughters.


Ann’s adventures with Oprah, Gayle King and O Magazine


The Oprah Magazine Insiders are a group of individuals of various backgrounds, skills, and talents who are  living their lives to their fullest and sharing in O Mag experiences.

The O Magazine insiders includes writers, humanitarians, 57070991_10217913593887437_7485244062593712128_nbusiness leaders, models, songwriters, counselors, and manymore individuals making an impact in this world. 

The experience of being an O Magazine Insider has been transformative. It is inspiring to share in the mission of Living Our Best Lives and celebrating the many unique ways that mission is carried out in each of the O Magazine Insiders lives.

Last November, Ann attended Oprah’s Favorite Things party. In January of 2019, Ann set sail with Oprah, Gayle, many O Magazine staff, and a few dozen Insiders for a Girls Getaway. 


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